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Psychopath In Your Life

May 9, 2017

In Episode 003, Dianne shares from her personal interviews with psychopaths the attributes they look for in their future victims. Dianne also explains just how manipulative psychopaths can be and how they use the strategy of gaslighting to maintain control over their victims. Tune in to find out why psychopaths play the victim and just how far they’ll push to stay in control.
Time Stamped Show Notes:
00:10 – Introduction to Psychopath in Your Life
00:19 – Last episode the kind of personalities psychopaths seek out
00:41 – One guy that Dianne interviewed look at how people’s eyes diverged, how confident they seemed, and even the look of the shoulders when it came to choosing their future victims
01:13 – Investigation Discovery Channel has stories about psychopaths
01:34 – Dateline Show also shares psychopaths’ stories
01:58 – Not all psychopaths are murderers
02:10 – Dealing with a psychopath is all about control
02:34 – Dateline Shows are usually about murder
03:24 – When you watch, read or listen to these stories—“Pay attention to when they describe the victim”
03:47 – The victim is the kind and caring person
04:04 – The victim’s kindness is usually what makes them a target
04:58 – Psychopaths victimize themselves in their own minds
05:13 – They flip and turn things around to make you believe they are the victim
05:51 – Dianne cites an example of how they play the victim
06:32 – Dianne was given a complete checklist of how psychopaths convince people they are the victim
07:08 – “The goal is to get you [the victim] to start to feel like you’re the crazy one and test your sense of normality”
07:21 – A description of the Gaslight Concept
07:51 – Dianne refers to the movie, Gas Light—where the term originated
07:57 – To gaslight is to alter the victim’s reality to fit into with what the psychopath wants it to be
08:59 – A psychopath manipulates to make themselves look like the victim
09:41 – Psychopaths test how far they can push their victims
11:06 – Some psychopaths are actually proud to be one
12:20 – Dianne looks forward for questions and comments
12:41 – Get in touch with Dianne on her website or by email
13:45 – Dianne closes the podcast
3 Key Points:
Psychopaths may have very specific qualities in mind when looking for potential targets.
Dealing with a psychopath is all about control.
Beware of “gaslighting”—psychopaths like playing the victim when, in fact, they victimize you!

Resources Mentioned:
Investigation Discovery Channel & Dateline Show– TV shows where stories and documentaries are about crimes that lead to psychopaths
Gaslighting – the tactic psychopaths use to alter your reality



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– Podcast Production and Editing Service rendered by Red Walk Boy Prod.

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